Wild Boar Taxidermy

120 day guaranteed turnaround time to taxidermy your hog shoulder mount $375.00 or deer shoulder mount $350.00

Wild Boar Taxidermy For Sale (see below):


Black Lop Eared Hog
Small Hog Mount
For Sale:  $250.00
Black Hog- Small
1-1/2" Tusks
For Sale:  $300.00
 Black Wild Boar Hog
2" Tusks
For Sale:  $350.00
Large Red & Blonde Hog
Beautiful Colors
2" Tusks
For Sale:  $350.00

Black Wild Boar Hog
With Long Snout
For Sale:  $350.00

Blonde, White, & Black Razorback
2-1/2" Tusks
For Sale:  $350.00

Black Wild Boar Mount
Oak Plaque NOT included, Unique Tusks
For Sale:  $350.00

Black Razorback
1-3/4" Natural Tusks
For Sale:  $350.00

Big Black Florida Boar Hog
Heavy Frame
For Sale:  $350.00

 Mount WB-09
  Life-Size Blond/Black Boar Hog
 Body 58" Long
 40" Girth, 13" Wide
 2-1/4" Tusks
 Mounted on Pinewood Slab
 For Sale:  $2,250.00



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